Bill Brand 2017 Mayor Campaign Statement

I love our friendly beach town character.  I first swam in the Seaside Lagoon in 1966 as an 8 year-old boy.  My community roots are deep, notably fighting overdevelopment in Redondo Beach for the last 15 years – eight as a Councilmember.

Like you, I see the dramatic increase in traffic and congestion from overdevelopment.  Huge projects pushed by developers are spoiling our town and neighborhoods.  The Waterfront mall, Galleria, Legado and AES – all massive plans that will generate enormous amounts of new traffic while depleting City services.

As your next Mayor, I will fight to revitalize Redondo Beach without overdeveloping it, improve public safety, and eliminate government waste and cronyism that has been fueled by big money developers for far too long. The difficult tasks to accomplish require vision and community consensus building that prioritizes the people who live in Redondo Beach.

I’ve lived in the South Bay for 46 years – 24 in Redondo Beach.  I earned a BS in Chemical Engineering and Finance MBA from USC.  I’ve worked 38 years for a major airline at LAX.  I’m endorsed by many long-time residents and elected officials, but your vote is my most important endorsement.

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Bill Brand for Mayor of Redondo Beach



Bill Brand for Mayor of Redondo Beach – March 7, 2017

“Prioritizing Our Quality of Life Instead of Overdevelopment”

For years our city has suffered from a lack of leadership and vision, which our residents rightfully deserve.  As a result, I’m announcing my candidacy for Mayor of Redondo Beach.   I’m excited and look forward to leading all aspects of the entire City, including the revitalization of both North and South Redondo Beach.

While ensuring our excellent police and fire services remain fully funded remains my number one priority, what is being billed as ‘revitalization’ of important areas in Redondo Beach like the Galleria, King Harbor and the AES site, is actually an alarming trend of overdevelopment that brings many negative impacts to our community, and changes the character of our City.

Mayor Aspel and the majority of the current City Council are rubber-stamping overdevelopment projects that continue to come before them.  Myself and other concerned residents are here to provide feasible, transparent and balanced alternatives that prioritize our quality of life.

We can revitalize our waterfront without turning it over to a mall developer whose project is going to more than double development, double traffic, build on the Seaside Lagoon and block beautiful public views along Harbor Dr. with 45 foot tall buildings for 99 years!

This project is an abomination that could be the biggest white elephant the South Bay has ever seen.  The residents did NOT vote for this project, and most do not support it.  As the Council Member for this District for over 7 years I must remain honest with the community and myself.  I cannot pretend I have not made up my mind and sit fairly as an impartial party of the quasi-judicial process weighing this project. Therefore, today I’m also announcing my recusal from voting on the CenterCal development project.  

Our Community deserves a resident-focused vision first – one that embraces what is unique about Redondo Beach.  Only then do we establish a zoning that reflects that vision.  Selecting a developer should be the last step – not the other way around.

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Radio Interview/Debates and CenterCal Tonight!

Greetings Everyone,

Tonight is the 4th public meeting to get your input on what we would like to see on the Redondo Beach waterfront.
Where?  Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center at Manhattan Beach Blvd & Aviation Blvd.
When?  TONIGHT!  6-8pm
The next meeting will be Saturday, February 23rd, 10-12noon at the same place.  Hopefully you can make one or both of these meetings.  History is being made in our town and this is your opportunity to be a part of it.
Speaking of history being made, Wednesday night’s debates between Jim & I, AES President Eric Pendergraft and Council Member Kilroy went great!  We basically trounced them, but I’m bias of course.  See attached photo.
The debates began at 6pm, but the room filled to capacity before that, and unfortunately about 100 more people were turned away.  Then one of the librarians mistakenly prohibited video taping the event, even though two videographers showed up.  I think someone videotaped it anyway, and if I can get my hands on it I will upload to YouTube and send the link.
Also, I gave a radio interview this morning on The South Bay Show and they said over 700 people were listening live, but they expected over 10,000 to eventually here it.  Go to this link to hear for yourself.
Hope to see you tonight!

Write School Board to Oppose New Power Plant

Greetings Everyone,
Tonight, the Redondo Beach School Board is considering a resolution whether to oppose a new power plant in Redondo Beach or not.  Believe it or not, this resolution has a good chance of failing.  I’ve cc’d the 5 members of the School Board on this email, so, if you or your child will be exposed to the increased air pollution from a new power plant, feel free to just hit ‘reply all’ with a quick note that you hope they vote to oppose a new power plant.  It’s that easy to be heard!
There are 6,500 school children downwind from the AES power plant, and a new power plant will increase deadly particulate emissions 5-15X for 50 years!! Plus, our area is already out of compliance with both federal and state standards for particulate pollution.  A new plant will move us even further out of compliance according to the AES application recently filed with the California Energy Commission.
Exposure to particulate emissions retards lung growth in children, is linked to autism, causes asthma attacks, heart attacks, and kills twice as many people every year in California than breast cancer.  This resolution is a no brainer, but the power of politics often clouds better judgement.
And if you want to come to the meeting and speak in person, which starts at 6:30 tonight, here is a link to their agenda:

Call anytime!
ps…here is a link to the AES application:
Go to Section 5.1, Air Quality, and scroll to tables 5.1-17 & 5.1-28 to see their own data that shows the dramatic increases – 3.3 tons/year to as much as 49.7tons/year.


Bill Brand for Re-election to Redondo Beach City Council

Greetings Everyone,

Although more important, it’s not just about Measure A, I’m running for re-election for the District 2 City Council seat in Redondo Beach.  There are two candidates running against me and I need your help!
My campaign has kicked-off and we’re walking my District this weekend.  The weather is going to be beautiful with temperatures in the high 70s or even 80s!
Sign-up for a time slot this weekend and we’ll give you flyers and a map of an area for you to walk and talk and pass out flyers.  It’s easy and fun, and you’ll meet some great people and probably make some new friends.
Please email Dawn Esser at (also cc’d on this email) with a time slot this Saturday or Sunday that works for you.  I’d really appreciate the help!  Anyone can do it!  Bring a friend if you want.
You can pick-up the flyers and walk lists at Melanie Cohen’s at 115 South Guadalupe Ave. Unit H, Redondo Beach, on Saturday between 10-5pm, or Sunday between 1-4 pm, or call her at 310-374-4284 to arrange another time.
Below is a link to my website where you can read about my goals and past accomplishments, and make a donation.  I’m about half way to my fundraising goal with not much time left so please consider a donation.
For those of you on Facebook, please share and ‘like’ my re-election page:
Hope to see you this weekend!